Zhou Jiliu
Chairperson of Organizing
  On behalf of the organizing committee, I would like to invite you to the 5th Asia Conference on Sexuality Education .
  The ACSE was launched by the mainland of China、Hong Kong and Tai Wang District of China and Japan which has been held in Beijing(2001), Kaohsiung(2004) Tokyo(2007) and Hong Kong(2010).The 5th ACSE is going to be held in Cheng Du University with the theme “Todays’ Sexuality Education ---Diversity and Mainstream”. This conference provide a platform for drawing on collective wisdom and absorb all useful ideas and sharing the experience and achievements of sexuality education and studying how to deal with the challenges of diversity sexuality concept based on the current situation of sexuality education in Asia. It promises to be an entirely new experience for all, and we look forward to seeing you here.
  Chengdu University was founded in 1978, With more than 30 years development, CDU has grown into a comprehensive city-based university not only taking Engineering, Liberal Arts, Pedagogy and Art as its dominant fields but also integrating the development of other disciplines, such as Management, Economics, Law, Science, Medicine and Agriculture.
  The undertaking agent is the “Teenagers’ Universal Sexuality Education Base of Sichuan Province” which was co-built by Sichuan Publicity Department and the Sichuan Science and Sociology Union in April of 2011. The targets of the agent are to popularize the sexuality science, advocate the sexuality civilization, promote sexuality education and build harmonious sexuality. In order to develop the sexuality education in Sichuan, the agent cultivate the special talents and provide the training, consult and service.
  At present, the agent has gotten such achievements that more than 500 teachers from 100 schools have taken part in the sexuality education trainings. Additionally, more than 80 schools have developed sexuality education and more than 30 itinerant exhibitions about teenagers’ sexuality education have been hold which have benefited at least 100 thousand adolescents. 111 students have been enrolled in the Sexuality Education Speciality which was open in 2010. Now, 43 students have finished this course and what they have learnt can be put into the primary school. Moreover, the parents, teachers and students who are from Education Bureau of Jinniu District, Education Bureau of QinYang District, Family Planning Bureau of ChengHua District, Education Bureau and Women’s Union of Long Quanyi District and Education Bureau of Du Jiangyan.
  Sexuality Education has gotten high attention from Cheng Du University as one of a special school building system. The course of “sexuality science and sexuality health” which was open in 2009 has been the excellent public elective course. The teaching book named “sexuality marriage and family for college students’ sexuality education” has been the important teaching book. In 2011, “sexuality pedagogy” has been the required course for the students. In 2012, “the sexuality pedagogy “has been one of the seven specialities . From 2012, the training of sexuality education has been as part of the National Training for the teachers and headmasters.
  The team was set up by three professors, a doctor and 10 masters who are from pedagogy department, psychology department, science of law college, medical science college which has been the comprehensive and strong power to promote sexuality education in the teenagers.