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1、Paper Submission
  If you have academic achievements to deliver,please submit the Chinese and English abstract of your conference papers before May 31,2013.Then set your paper to the specified mailbox after you receiving a abstract acceptance. Your papers can be in Chinese or English.

2、Conference fee
  250 U.S.dollars before May 31,2013.
  270 U.S.dollars after May 31,2013.

3、Payment Pattern
(1)Remittance Name: Cheng Du University
Line number of Bank of China: 104651069716
Account: 126608533369
Bank of deposit: Shi Ling Subsidiary of Long Quanyi Branch of Bank of China
Make a note: Attendance of the 5th Asia Conference of Sexuality Education
The address for cheque; Shi Ling Town of Eastern Cheng Du City of Si Chuan Province China
Code: 610016
Hu Zhen
The Base of popularizing the science of adolescent sexuality education of Si Chuan Province,
Teachers’ college of Cheng Du University
(2)The above information is also for the attendants in Cheng Du City who can connect with us directly.