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Introduction of the stage play in small theatre

Stage play in small theatre is the result of western ant-commercialization, which was born in European in the late of 20th century and the early of 21st century. In 1982, the play named Absolute Signal directed by Ling zhaohua was firstly put on the stage of Capital drama  which was the beginning of the stage play in small theatre in China. In the ensuing years, the influence of play had been infiltrated into all over China.

Our goals are to appeal to care for children’s sexuality and attach importance to teenagers’ sexuality education by the means of stage play in small theatre.


Brief Introduction of Young

I love you which can be said by all the men and felt happiness by every women who heard of it but actually how many men can do it ? 
s the result when a boy from high school say I will love you forever.
As the low voice from a judger,
let the plaintiff make a speech, Yu Jia who is pregnant is walking to Zhi Ze without words who is only 17 year old, but the babys father,who is living in a signal parent family, after her parents divorce , they never look after her which make her become more solitary and Zhi ze, who is living a rich family only without love are classmates. Zhi ze thinks YuJia and he are both lost children, they become lover. Are they precocious children, why their parents go to court?


Supervisor Hu Yuqing

The dean of Art Faculty of Cheng Du University

The Member of Chinese Musicians Association.

The Chairman of Music Specialty Committee of The Si Chuan Institute of Education. The Member of the Examining and Appraising of Art Senior Academic Title of Si Chuan Province.The Member of Student Admission Committee of Art Specialty.The Judger of Vocal Music Competition of College Students’ Art Festival of Si Chuan Province.


Director  Wang Haibo

The Dean of Film and TV Show Specialty of Art Faculty of  Cheng Du University,The principal of the UN Education Fund Program named “Drama: the Bridge of Communication The Judger of Teachers’ Qualification Certificate for College Teachers.The Judger of Selective Trials of Excellent Art Talented People.The Excellent Young Teachers with variety Skills of Cheng Du City The Most Popular Teachers in Cheng Du University.

Hu Zhen, Professor in Chengdu University.


Guidance teacher of sexual Education

Professor Hu has already done a lot of work on research and teaching activities on adolescents’ sexuality education for 20 years. Now she is in charge of the Teenagers’ Universal Sexuality Education Base of Sichuan Province, and also take responsibility for the implement of the adolescents’ sexuality education and school sexuality education in Sichuan and Chengdu. She set up the major of “sexuality education teachers” in Chengdu University, and also give many sexuality education lessons. At the same time, she gives lectures and training for undergraduate students, middle school students, primary school students, teachers and parents in more than 80 schools in Sichuan in order to promote the implement of sexuality education. She is a director in many research projects in the national level and the provincial level (including the projects funded by the Ford Foudation). She is one of the most famous adolescents’ sexuality education experts in China. She has already published many sexuality education books for university, middle school and primary school, and also published more than 50 papers. Her books and papers award prize many times, and she was rated as excellent experts and national philosophy and sociology (Adolescents’ sexuality education) experts.



Performer: “Dream Space” Drama Club of Cheng Du University

The works in recent years

‘Yes or No’ in 2010


Nine Girls at home” in 2012