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Sub-forum discussion
Sub-forum 1: The implement of sexuality education in the culture of majority.
1.1 The Sexuality Education Guideline and the implement methods in schools in different countries.
1.2 The government policies, resources and the teachers’ training in different countries.
1.3 The cooperation of families, schools and social resources in sexuality education.


Sub-forum 2: The implement of sexuality education in the culture of diversity.
2.1 The different contents and methods of sexuality education in different nations and cultures.
2.2 Local culture and international sexuality education methods.
2.3 Multidisciplinary sexuality education.


Sub-forum 3: Understand LGBTQ in a multidisciplinary way in sexuality education.
3.1 The research and experience of interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary sexuality education.
3.2 Develop the sexuality education lessons for LGBTQ.
3.3 The experiences of eliminating the sexual discrimination(for LGBTQ, disabled and marginalized youth) in mainstream lessons.


Sub-forum 4: The training of sexuality education professionals and the development of the science popularized resources.
4.1 Research and implement on training system for the training of sexuality education professionals.
4.2 Communicate with each other about the development and goals of the science popularized resources on sexuality education for different age.
4.3 Qualification training to school sexuality education teachers and social volunteers


Sub-forum 5: Challenge to traditional male education under the context of gender equality
5.1 Content of cultural studies and sociology regarding male education
5.2 Value orientation and core content regarding male education
5.3 Implementation path and curriculum strategy regarding male education


Seminar: sexuality education about diversity and majority —the voice of young people
6.1 The sexuality education and sexual rights young people need.
6.2 The importance of peer education in youth sexuality education.
6.3 The research of sexual and reproductive health on young people in different groups, such as young workwomen, floating youth and left-behind children.